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Gary Zhu
MBA, Broker of Record, Executive Director, Chinese Real Estate & Finance Association of Canada Honorary Columnist,“Toronto Real Estate Weekly”
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Executive Profile


Gary Zhu MBA, President, Broker of Record


Canada Home Group Realty Inc., Brokerage


Executive Director, Chinese Real Estate & Finance Association of Canada


Honorary Columnist, “Toronto Real Estate Weekly”; “Enhome Weekly”; “Norstar Real Estate Weekly”; “Canada National Television” and more…


Organizational Leadership Role


As Founder and President of Canada Home Group Realty Inc., Brokerage, Gary has gained extensive experience in conducting property purchasing and selling, property assessment and evaluation, subdivision planning and development, project development financial analysis and risk management, custom & luxury home building application, commercial property and/or business acquisition and disposition.


Gary has been holding the position as President at Amasca Development (Canada) Inc., an investment and trade corporation which was founded in 2004. As President of this Enterprise, he has envisioned and initialized the real property acquisition, development, and project management. Amasca Development (Canada) Inc. has business in acquiring raw and farmland, in applying for zoning and rezoning, in planning and developing subdivision, in new project building permit application, and in property marketing and sales.  


Top Evaluation and Negotiation Skills


With an objective and realistic understanding of real estate supply and demand, with competitive analysis on strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat, with precise understanding the feature, benefit and value, with extensive sales and marketing experience, with financial analysis and in-depth risk management, his clients will surely be guaranteed with full satisfaction through the process of acquisition and disposition.


Extensive Networking & Resources 


With strong network and media support, his clients have the definite guarantee for their confident acquisition and smooth and satisfied sale on properties. Gary has built up strong allies and associates with broad licensed professionals who provide mutual clients with first class aids. Those licensed professionals include mortgage specialists who arrange tailor-made mortgages, legal advisors and lawyers, pre-sale staging specialists, house inspection specialists, house renovation contractors and accredited builders. They help provides imperative services and make all the transactions nice, neat, clean, and complete. 


Education & Publication & Events 


MBA Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris 1995


MBA Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok Thailand 1993-1995


Author "International Management in China" Routledge London UK


Keynote Speaker “International Communication Network” Atlanta USA


Keynote Speaker “International Federation of Advertising Association” Sydney Australia 


Sponsorship Leadership Roles 


Chinese Real Estate & Finance Association of Canada


Mississauga Chinese Business Association


Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization


Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto


Cham Shan Temple of Toronto



Canada Home Group Realty Inc., Brokerage